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Kiwi Websites has been running for eleven years, we believe the reason for it's longevity is because wherever we operate; be it from London to Wellington, we are genuinely interesting in your company and how you want to grow. Kiwi Websites has been a one man band through to a nine person collective, we thoroughly enjoy managing and running your project which we know is an extension of you.

We're Agile

Each day there is another language, a new trend, a new social media and a trunk load of gadgets and software out in the world. Our job is to find the best equipment for your project, the best people both internally at Kiwi Websites and externally to our sources across the globe to provide you with a quality brand from inception through to your customer satisfaction

Online Media

From your beautiful uniquely designed website built securely in HTML5 responsive code to allow any device to use with ease to your social media integrations

System Integration

Point of sale, Accounting, Social Media, Emails, Virtual Assistance, Bookings, Meetings, Hosting and so on... I don't blame anyone from being confused, let us simplify and centralise.

Brand Creation

We love taking those conceptual business ideas and walking you through colours, branding, websites, marketing, business plans and everything in between .

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Some happy customers have to say.

Full Brand design completed including Vend/Xero intigration, thank you

The Village Meats
Artisan Food Processors

After working with Kiwi Websites I can't go back to anyone else!

Wing Tsun Academy
Martial Arts Experts in Wellington

Website Check, Ecommerce Check, Logo Check, fair price and high quality work CHECK

Elite Travel Goods
Nationwide Travel Goods

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